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The creation of the Ombudsperson position is a commitment by the Fresno Unified School District to reach out to the community and to encourage and enhance a unifying approach to support students, parents, the community and the district. As educators, we believe it is important to value parents, students and community members as our partners and to work collaboratively with them to educate the children of our district.

Sometimes, as with most relationships, conflicts and misunderstandings arise. When they do, the Ombudsperson will listen to the issues and attempt to sort out in an effort to help bring understanding to a system that sometimes seems very complicated. The Ombudsperson respects what everyone has at stake and can help to bridge the gap when misunderstandings occur.

An Ombudsperson works to provide a variety of services including complaint resolution, crisis support, case management, information and referral.

Ivan Flores 
Fresno Unified School District
2309 Tulare Street
Fresno, CA 93721

Office: (559) 457-3565 
Fax: (559) 457-3933   


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you contact the Ombudsperson?

  • Provide a confidential and frank discussion regarding your area of concern, grievance or service request.
  • Develop/talk about the options for resolving your area of concern.
  • Provide answers to questions you may have regarding Federal laws, State laws and/or District policy or procedure.

What does the Ombudsperson do?

  • Provides direct support.
  • Ensures confidentiality.
  • Informally investigates complaints and grievances.
  • Opens channels of communication and persuades in decision making.
  • Seeks fair and equitable solutions to the areas of concern.
  • Suggests approaches for addressing and managing conflicts.
  • Bring issues to the attention of those in authority to address parent concerns

Will the Ombudsperson accompany me to meetings regarding a student's program?
Yes, when necessary the Ombudsperson will attend and provide support for meetings.

What happens if the Ombudsperson can't resolve my areas of concern?
The Ombudsperson will:

  • Inform you of your procedural safeguards and due process rights.
  • Refer you to an appropriate agency or legal service that may be able to help you with your due process rights.

How can I contact the Ombudsperson?

  • Call to set up an appointment.
  • Walk-in.
  • Send the Ombudsperson a letter.
  • Reach the Ombudsperson by e-mail.

Will this service cost me anything?
No, this is a free service that Fresno Unified School District provides for all students, parents, and interested community members in the Fresno Unified School District.


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