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 Flavorful Futures
Click here for website and more info
 February 15, 2020​
​OppU Achievers Scholarship
Link to website
​September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30.2020
​Selma Trex Fraternity of California
​Five scholarship awards of $1,250
​Wednesday, April 1, 2020

​See application
​March 20, 2020
CGCS - Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarship Program
​April 06, 2020
​2020 Student-View Scholarship Program-
Link to application
​$500 to $4,000
​April 22, 2020
Fresno Unified Scholarship Fund
​See application
​February 28, 2020
​2020 Martin Macias Honorary Scholarship
​April 17, 2020 
​April 3,2020
2020 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
​April 3,2020
​2019-2020 League of Mexican American Woman Scholarship
League of Mexican American Woman Scholarship.pdf
​Teaching Fellows Scholarship
Link to application
​Kids Chance California - Educating Children of Injured Workers
See application​May 15, 2020
​December 31, 2020
​2020 Rotary North-South Football Scholarship (not only for football players; open to all students)

Email completed application to:
$1000​February 28, 2020​
​National Latino Peace Officers Association Fresno Chapter Scholarship Application 2019
​2020 Angels Wings Thai Scholarship

​See application
​May 18th, 2020
​2020 California Tour Guide Scholarship
​December 31st,2020​​
​2020 SuperMoney's Financial Literacy Scholarship

​closed for 2020

​​2020 Minuteman Award
Minuteman award.docx

Marriott International Inc. Hospitality– up to 5 awards at $1,500 each 

·     Must be a graduating senior or graduate of a NAF Academy (AOHT Preferred but not required) 

·     Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Academy classes 

·     Must be intending to continue study in the hospitality and tourism field or be pursuing further education in hospitality management, hotel management, culinary or the food and beverage field 


March 15,2020

NAF Alumni Business Scholarship – up to 5 awards at $1,500 each 

·     Must be a graduating senior or graduate of a NAF academy 

·     Must be pursuing further education in business and/or financial services 

·     Must have earned a 3.0 GPA or better in Academy classes during high school 

·     Must be currently active in the academy, or if already graduated, must be involved or plan to be involved in a local Academy, i.e. alumni activities, mentoring, etc. ​
​​March 15,2020
​​Proteus Inc Stanard Scholarship
2020 - 2021 Proteus Inc Standard Scholarship Criteria.docar

​March 27,2020
​Central Valley Scholars
  • ​LGBTQ scholarship​
  • Undocumented scholarship
  • First Generation scholarship

April 1,2020
​Rotary Football scholarship

​June 27,2020


Website:What type of Scholarship? Asian/Pacific Islander Americans Scholarships and Financial Aid for Athletes Scholarships for ALL Minorities

Scholarship and Financial Aid information for ALL students American Indian College Fund Free help w/ scholarships Free with over 500,000 scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships for Mexican-Americans Scholarships for ALL students Scholarships and FAFSA help
Login or DOWNLOAD Free App Scholarships for ALL students Various Scholarship Opportunities Scholarships for Hispanics​​
United Negro College Fund
UNIGO College Scholarship Directory Fresno City College California State University, Fresno
Clovis Community College Center

                                                                            UPCOMING EVENTS/OPPORTUNITIES                                                                             

​Agape Schools Youth Job Fair
Event on March 30th, 2019
​Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project
Deadline to apply: Monday, April 15, 2019
​Latina Youth Leadership Conference at Fresno State
​Event on March 30th, 2019


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