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How to Enroll


Welcome to the Fresno Unified School District. Enrollment for new and returning students from Transitional Kindergarten to grade 12 occurs at the school site based on your physical home address. Please review the school boundary maps or use the school locator tool to determine which school your child will attend. If you need assistance, please call (559) 457-3351.

Once the school of enrollment has been determined, a child must be present in person and accompanied by the parent or guardian or another responsible adult. For parents or guardians who may be employed or otherwise unavailable, an adult designated by the parent, guardian, or caregiver to perform this service may register children. Please bring the following documents to the school office in your attendance area to start the registration process:

  1. Proof of Age

    Proof of age must be presented in the form of one of the following:

    • Previous school records
    • Health office or vital statistics or welfare department record of birth date
    • Affidavit of physician attending birth, hospital record of birth, or affidavit by parents/guardians (notarized)
    • U.S. Census Bureau (Washington, D.C.) record
    • Court decree establishing date and place of birth
    • Record of birth, baptismal or other church record
    • Adoption papers
    • Passport
    • Immigration certificate
    • Birth certificate

    Please note: An affidavit will be used when none of the foregoing is obtainable at the Department of Prevention and Intervention/Project Access Office, 1350 M Street, Bldg. A, Phone: 457-3343.

  2. Proof of Residency

    Reasonable evidence of residency must be established by documentation including but not limited to any of the following:

      • Current property tax payment receipt
      • Rent/lease/motel receipt on letterhead
      • Recent utility service payment receipt
      • Receipt for utility turn-on
      • Monthly mortgage statement
      • Declaration of Residency
      • Voluntary inspection of residence by school district personnel

    Please note: If a minor is living with someone other than parent or legal guardian, please provide the following documents:

    • Caregiver’s Affidavit: Prevention and Intervention/Project ACCESS, 1350 M Street, Bldg. B, Phone: 457-3359. Note: A Caregiver’s Affidavit is usually not approved when the parent is living in Fresno, however, special family circumstances may prevail.
    • Documented Child Protective Services placement.
    • Documented Foster or Group Home placement.

  3. Proof of Immunization and Physical Examination Requirements

    The following proof of immunization and physical examinations are needed for enrollment:


    • All students must present an up to date immunization record prior to attending school.
    • Students who do not meet the immunization requirements as determined by the State of California will be referred to their private health care provider; a Fresno Unified Immunization Clinic (locations; or to the Fresno County Department of Public Health (600-3550).
    • Effective January 1, 2016, Personal Beliefs Exemptions will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into school or child care in California. Personal belief exemptions filed at a school or child care facility before January 1, 2016 will remain valid until the student enrolls in the next grade span, typically at TK/kindergarten or seventh grade. Grade spans are childcare, TK through sixth grade, and seventh grade through 12th grade.
    • A temporary or permanent Medical Exemption to one or more of the immunizations may be granted with a signed note from a health care provider.
    • Foster, group home, homeless youths are immediately enrolled with or without a fully documented immunization record. The school nurse should be notified to follow-up with the student.

    Physical Examinations

    • Students entering first grade are required by the State to have a physical examination. The examination must be completed within18 months of entering first grade or within 90 days of starting first grade.

    Oral Health Examination

    • An Oral Health Examination (dental screening) is not required for school entry. However, proof of a dental screening should be provided by May 31st of the student’s kindergarten year.

  4. Additional Enrollment Information
    • If your child is currently receiving special education services, contact Fresno Unified's Special Education department at (559) 457-3220.
    • Previous school transcripts or recent report card
    • Drop/Withdrawal slip and grades
    • Home Language survey

    If you are missing any of the documents required for enrollment, please contact the last school your child was enrolled in and request the documents as needed.

Department Phone
Transfers Office (559) 457-3343
Project Access (559) 457-3359
Special Education (559) 457-3220
Language Assessment Center (559) 457-3931
Health Services (559) 457-3294
Early Learning (559) 457-3682
Food Services (559) 457-6250
Bus Transportation (559) 457-3138

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