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​​Bullard TALENT is committed to the philosophy that the "Arts are Academic." 

Specialized instruction in the disciplines of Music, Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, and Dance/Movement is provided.


Music Program

The Music Program at Bullard TALENT  includes classroom music in Kindergarten through fifth grade, Bullard Balladeers, Middle School Concert Choir, Talent Showcase,  Jazz Choir, String Orchestra, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Band, and Percussion and Jazz Ensembles.

Music instruction is founded on the Kodaly Concept of Music Education. Children in grades K-5 receive thirty to forty minutes of music instruction twice weekly.

During this time they develop their singing voices through the use of American folk song literature. Using solfege, hand signal, and the moveable DO system children progress through ear training to sight singing. 
All children participate in either a winter or spring music program. 

In addition, they participate in a grade level music performance. It is the desire of the music faculty that all children develop their musical skills and become discerning participants, advocates, and consumers of music.


Theater Arts

Through a variety of age appropriate experiences, Bullard TALENT students receive a solid foundation in the Theater Arts.  Observation of a wide range of theater genre for the purpose of response develops the use of movement and voice.  By observing and responding to a variety of theater media, the vocabulary and language of the theater is developed.  Knowledge and skills in acting and directing result through experience, imagination and research of literature and history.  Students gain knowledge of the elements and technology of theatrical productions though interaction with varied media.  Scripts are written utilizing the experience, heritage, and imagination of the students as well as literature and history.  Research is employed to examine relationships between theater, history and culture and to investigate major themes, historical periods and styles of theater in different cultures.  While interacting with a wide range of productions, students develop and use criteria to judge and evaluate.


Dance Movement

Participation in Dance/Movement develops body awareness, movement and  communication skills.  The process of choreography gives students the opportunity to express perceptions, feelings, images and thoughts.  The creation and communication of meaning is demonstrated through Dance/Movement composition and performance.  Through Dance/Movement students are able to develop a knowledge and understanding of human diversity and to investigate the contributions of Dance/Movement to historical and contemporary cultures.  By applying learned principles students are able to analyze, interpret and judge Dance/Movement.




Grade Level Performances


All Bullard TALENT K-5 students participate in a grade level performance each year. These performances combine content and skills acquired through academic core classes and visual and performing arts core classes to create lively, crowd pleasing musical presentations. Bullard TALENT K-5 students annually experience the lights, sounds, costumes, make-up, discipline, and magic that come with performing for a live audience.


Kodaly Music


The Kodaly concept of music education is employed to introduce and systematically expose Bullard TALENT student to music. In the Kodaly philosophy of education and concept of teaching, children are trained in basic musical skills and the reading and writing of music. As an experience-based approach to teaching, Kodaly integrates many of the best ideas, techniques, and approaches to music education universally proven to be successful.


Visual Arts

The Visual Art Program at Bullard TALENT is led by Ann Winters-Canfield. Through innovative projects in both two and three dimensions, students learn skills in ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, textiles, and crafts.  It encompasses innovative afternoon visual art courses taught by several of our TALENT classroom teachers.

The program emphasizes understanding of the art elements, principles of design, art history, art appreciation, multicultural arts, and studio processes.  In the spring, there  is an annual art exhibition featuring the student work accomplished during the year. In addition students work is annually displayed at Fashion Fair Mall for Youth Art Month and at the Metropolitan.

Bullard TALENT students receive a comprehensive exposure to the Visual Arts.  Students are exposed to the various periods in art history,  groups and individual artists and  the cultural arts of various ethnic groups.  Skills in memory, visualization, observation and imagination are cultivated as is a sense of greater awareness and confidence.  A working understanding of the techniques and art processes of various art media such as clay, paint, drawing, mixed media and printing processes are explored.  Spiraling repetition develops the art elements of space, line, form value, color, texture, shape and the design principals of radial, symmetry, asymmetry, balance, unity, repetition, rhythm and dominance. Critical analysis is built into all levels of the program.

MIND Institute's Math and Music Program


All primary students receive twice weekly piano keyboard instruction as part of the MIND Institute's Math and Music program.  The program emphasizes a spatial-temporal approach to music instruction and supports conceptual development in mathematics.  This twice weekly course is taught by certificated music teachers.



Intermediate VPAC Requirements

Students participate in two semester courses in each of the following disciplines over a three-year period:

  • Visual Arts

  • Dance/Movement

  • Theatre Arts

  • Music


Middle School VPAC Requirements

Students particpate in the designated number os semester courses in each of the following disciplines over a three-year period:

  • Visural Arts - 4 courses

  • Dance/Movement - 6 courses

  • Threatre Arts - 2 courses

  • Computer Arts - 1 course 


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